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According to the hospital scale and oxygen demand, Jakamed launched different types of oxygen production systems to obtain the optimal scheme to meet the oxygen demand of different hospitals in an all-round way.

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Choose the most appropriate scheme according to different situations. Once put into operation, you will benefit for life. The system takes air as raw material, with low production cost and only electric energy as energy consumption. It only needs 0.8-1.2 kwh to produce medical oxygen per cubic meter. It is a leader in similar products with ultra-low energy consumption.

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Medical market

As an essential life support system, medical gas is directly connected with medical work. The continuous, stable and reliable supply of medical equipment is one of the main contents of hospital logistics work. As an important part of the overall solution of hospital medical gas engineering, medical oxygen source plays an indispensable role.

Plateau Market

In the plateau, by increasing the oxygen content, the oxygen production system can make the human body bathe in the oxygen enriched environment, improve the internal environment of human respiration and promote the metabolic process, so as to alleviate the symptoms of hypoxia in the plateau and maintain good health.

Military market

Atmospheric pressure fixed barracks, atmospheric pressure movable barracks, portable oxygen and other multi oxygen combination, combined with jakamed oxygen production technology, meet the oxygen needs of military health service, combat and medical treatment. It is a trusted choice for many troops and military hospitals!


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The operation is simple and easy for family members to use. The cost performance is also high. I recommended it. This one is really good. Customer service is also very patient. They told me everything you should pay attention to
Grace Hill
The oxygen generator has received it. The package is very good and tight. The appearance is atmospheric and high-grade. The sound is acceptable during the day. The amount of oxygen is very sufficient and the oxygen concentration is also very high.
Jamie Carter
The oxygen generation system has perfect packaging, and the oxygen concentration reaches more than 90 degrees. It has been used for about half a year. Its performance is very stable and easy to operate. You can buy it safely if you need it!
Robert Owens

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