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Jakamed Instruments Co., Ltd

Jakamed Instruments Co., Ltd​ is an innovative enterprise, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of respiratory medical devices such as medical oxygen production equipment, atomizer and ventilator.

Enterprise vision

We are committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of medical device products and solutions

Enterprise spirit

Honest and friendly, rigorous and meticulous, pragmatic and enterprising, professional spirit


Demand side

Jakamed company is constantly committed to the introduction and development of new products, new technologies and new processes to provide safer and more convenient services for patients

Committed to advanced oxygen production technology

Make it easier to use oxygen

The adsorption capacity of molecular sieve for nitrogen (adsorbate) in the air increases when pressurized and decreases when depressurized, forming a rapid cycle process of pressurized adsorption and depressurization analysis, so that oxygen and nitrogen in the air can be separated, while carbon dioxide, gaseous acid and other gaseous oxides in the air, All substances with strong molecular polarity are difficult to pass through the molecular sieve, so as to produce 93% ± 3 (V / V) purity oxygen.

Molecular sieve oxygen production technology

brief introduction

Characteristics of oxygen production

Enjoy the convenience of science and technology
High performance

It takes only 0.8-1.2 degrees of electricity to produce each cubic meter of medical oxygen


The system realizes intelligent control, automatic operation and continuous oxygen supply

High adaptation

According to customer needs, provide customers with the best scheme from site, configuration, cost, etc.

High reliability

Real time monitoring of oxygen concentration, flow and pressure, safe and reliable

Enjoy modern oxygen inhalation

We meet all your oxygen needs

Cutting edge products in the 21st century

Cost reduction

Reduced maintenance costs and freedom from constant management stress

Save space

Save space without high-pressure container

Zero risk

Zero risk of explosive accidents

Not easy to damage

It is not easy to damage facilities during transportation


No need for explosion-prevention facilities

No labor cost

No labor cost burden from automated oxygen supply system

7× 24 uninterrupted

7 × 24 uninterrupted oxygen production and supply

Super oxygen production

All oxygen making equipment are in hot investment

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!
The oxygen generation system has perfect packaging, and the oxygen concentration reaches more than 90 degrees. It has been used for about half a year. Its performance is very stable and easy to operate. You can buy it safely if you need it!
Dorothy Palmer
The oxygen generator is well used and of very good quality. I tried it as soon as I received the goods. It has a large amount of oxygen production, convenient operation, fast logistics, genuine goods, good material and high appearance value.
Randy Tran
The oxygen generator has received it. The package is very good and tight. The appearance is atmospheric and high-grade. The sound is acceptable during the day. The amount of oxygen is very sufficient and the oxygen concentration is also very high.
Amy Turner
1. The customer service replied quickly, the communication was normal and satisfactory. 2. Large manufacturers are trustworthy. Compared with other manufacturers, the equipment has high cost performance. 3. Good logistics service
Endang Everdeen
The operation is simple and easy for family members to use. The cost performance is also high. I recommended it. This one is really good. Customer service is also very patient. They told me everything you should pay attention to
Joe Alan

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